About us

Core values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. It is through these values that we have built up a loyal client base since 1989.

PCM believe in clarity, transparency and delivering first class service. That means sharing our knowledge with you when discussing your issues, using easy to understand language. It means showing you exactly what we are going to do in order to diagnose or fix a problem, and it means a comprehensive service that covers every detail and allows you to continue with your business as usual.

These values were vitally important when we started out specialising in hardware sales. People were not interested in tonnes of technical jargon and IT-speak. They wanted to know what this kit would do for them, and why it was better than the other item.

Our approach is collaborative, which means agreeing the best course of action to solve any issues that are affecting your business. It also means keeping you fully informed of the work being undertaken and the progress made; and with this in mind we provide you with reports and logged records of work completed.

Your fundamental needs

You want your business to run efficiently, avoid disruption and bounce back quickly if something does go wrong.

Furthermore, you probably want your business to grow. While our skill set has rapidly expanded over the years, our services continue to be geared towards fulfilling your fundamental needs, and we have a diverse team of talented individuals to deliver them.

Our Services

Our services start with you so we make sure we understand who you are, what you do, and how you operate.

Understanding your business, its systems and networks allows us to carry out a general IT Health Check. After all, your IT network is at the heart of your business and weaknesses here could really damage your operation. We identify threats and opportunities, highlighting processes that could be more efficient, and make recommendations for improvement.

Our comprehensive range of IT Support services will make sure that any issues are dealt with speedily and effectively, reducing down time.

Ensuring your Anti-virus is effective will help prevent issues, and Remote Data Back-up and Server Disaster Recovery services offer a superb second line of defence against data loss or serious server damage, ensuring business continuity even when things go wrong.

A healthy IT network makes your business more efficient and reduces losses by minimising down time. This means a healthy business however business growth is equally important and something that we can also help you with.

Our website marketing services work on a number of levels to ensure your business can grow at a healthy rate. On the one hand, we increase the likelihood that visitors to your website will engage with you and your services by making your site more user-friendly, persuasive, clear and attractive. We also make sure that more of the right kind of people are visiting your site through up-to-date, ‘white hat’ search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click and other tried and tested effective marketing tools.