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Our Opinion: The 2017 Budget and Technology


During yesterday’s Budget announcement, technology made several appearances with over £500 million pledged to technology investments. Chancellor Philip Hammond said that “the world is on the brink of …

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A Day in the Life: Zaynah


We've already heard from Lukasz and Ula , and now it's time for Zaynah... Zaynah Tariq - Accounts, Administration & Official Christmas Decorator! I definitely have the …

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Updates to Google’s Calendar Functionality


Whilst we love G Suite here at PCM HQ, the calendar function has been somewhat lacking for business users. Recognising that it lagged behind the Outlook calendar experience, and didn’t have the …

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The changing face of IT Support


5 years ago, IT Support was your standard call and fix event. A machine broke, so you called an IT expert to fix it. Now, hardware is lasting longer with fewer outages, and the majority of problems …

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A Day in the Life: Ula Gebura-Watroba


Our second installment of our 'Day in the Life Feature'. You can read about Lukasz's day here.  Ula Gebura-Watroba - Accounts and Administration Dropping two boys off means a busy …

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Technology Requirements for Good Data Management


Don't let GDPR and the new Data Protection Bill scare you. If you employ good data management practices throughout your business, you're well on your way to compliance. One of the fundamentals …

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European Commission on Cyber Security


In his 2017 state of the union address, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker tackled cyber security. He outlined new resources and tools to enable Europe to defend itself against …

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ABCs of Technology


What technology does every business need?  We're taking you back to school with our ABCs of technology. A . Antivirus and security software. A no-brainer really but you'd be shocked by …

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A Day in the Life: Lukasz


This is the first in a series of 'Day in the Life' articles where we learn more about each PCM team member. Enjoy! Most days, I drive straight into work, fix myself a strong cup …

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