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Spectre and Meltdown - 2018's first major IT Security story


Just 4 days into the New Year and already a major IT Security issue has been reported in the major press. Following months of investigation and collaboration between journalists, researchers and …

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017


It was a busy year on the PCM blog with 26 posts published, shared and read. We’ve rounded up our top 10 blog posts of 2017 based on data from Google Analytics...did you read them all? #1 - …

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2017 Christmas Jib Jabs


Every year we create some fun Christmas Jib Jab videos. This year Matt, Pablo, Zaynah and Lukasz are dancing elves, whilst Ula, Hugh, Sarah and Chetan get ready for the festivities to begin!  …

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He sees you when you’re sleeping...


Keep your family safe with our top tips for buying smart toys and devices. More and more toys and devices aimed at children are connected to the internet and collect and process data in …

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What are your Christmas opening hours?


There's just under a month until Christmas so it's about time to start planning for the break (if you're having one) and getting your technology ready for the festive season! Here's the 3 things …

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Our Opinion: The 2017 Budget and Technology


During yesterday’s Budget announcement, technology made several appearances with over £500 million pledged to technology investments. Chancellor Philip Hammond said that “the world is on the brink of …

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A Day in the Life: Zaynah


We've already heard from Lukasz and Ula , and now it's time for Zaynah... Zaynah Tariq - Accounts, Administration & Official Christmas Decorator! I definitely have the …

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Updates to Google’s Calendar Functionality


Whilst we love G Suite here at PCM HQ, the calendar function has been somewhat lacking for business users. Recognising that it lagged behind the Outlook calendar experience, and didn’t have the …

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The changing face of IT Support


5 years ago, IT Support was your standard call and fix event. A machine broke, so you called an IT expert to fix it. Now, hardware is lasting longer with fewer outages, and the majority of problems …

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