AVG Anti-Virus

Virus protection for your business computers and servers

PCM have been resellers of AVG Antivirus for many years and have been awarded the AVG Gold Resellers accreditation.

The AVG Antivirus software has a variety of benefits for business users. AVG uses the most recent technologies to ensure that clients have up-to-date protection, in order to prevent attacks from spyware and adware - malware that is often very difficult to remove.

  • Data Protection – protects your business’s identity and ensures safe online business transactions, by identifying and blocking suspicious software.
  • Smart Scanning – this prevents you and your colleagues being interrupted or slowed down by antivirus scans. When you move your mouse or press a key, high priority scanning switches to low priority mode. This uses minimal resources to prevent your computer from slowing down.
  • AVG Firewall – this feature automatically determines whether a connection is trusted, thereby preventing pop-up questions. When it detects a threat, it will automatically block all communications, significantly reducing the chance of information leaking from your network before the threat is quarantined.
  • Remote Administration Console - this is a customisable, easy-to-use remote admin console. It allows you to remotely install, deploy and manage your business network security, regardless of where your colleagues are located.
  • AVG LinkScanner – the LinkScanner shows safety ratings in search engine results and ensures that every website page you visit is safe before it is opened.

If you have any further questions regarding AVG Antivirus or AVG Cloudcare please do not hesitate to call us

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