Remote Data Backup

What would significant data loss mean to your business?

The Solution: Remote Data Backup

It’s simple and it’s hassle free. As you run your business, every important piece of information you have on your computer is backed up in a secure place away from your premises where it can never go missing.

Features include:

PCM’s Remote Backup Service means total peace of mind. All data is encrypted before it leaves your premises, and it is stored securely offsite.

Why use PCM?

Our service is fully managed!

When we say fully managed, we mean fully managed. We take care of everything for you and there is no interruption to your operation from the moment you choose our service, even during the set-up stage.

We continually check that your data is being backed up and report back to you daily by email so you know we are on the case. The amount of data being stored is monitored and your package is reviewed monthly to reflect your actual needs.

We are always on hand to help. Sometimes clients delete documents by accident. It’s no big deal. We actually install software on your machines so you are empowered to recover documents without our intervention. However, you can give us a call and your document will be recovered in seconds with no drama.

Backup your data now!

The sooner your data is securely back up, the better. Give us a call today on 0113 231 1066 to make sure your company’s data is fully protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you do.

Think about the emails you have sent and received, records of customer transactions, invoices, receipts and spreadsheets. Could you really afford to lose all that information?

People say this all the time.

Then they lose data and it’s gone forever. An effective backup regime has to be tightly controlled. For example, that means backing up at regular intervals, even if everybody in the business is tied up with other things. Nothing can be left to chance.

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