Domain Names and Hosting

What is website hosting?

Hosting can be thought of as maintaining the plot of land that your website takes up on the World Wide Web. It is necessary for your website to be reached by those browsing the internet. There are different hosting providers; some businesses arrange their own hosting, while others opt for PCM to undertake this function.

There are benefits to PCM managing the hosting of your website, which do not necessarily incur extra cost. When developing a website for a client, it could slow down the launch process if third party hosting is being used, as it can limit access and flexibility. The main benefits of PCM hosting your site are as follows:

Support. When businesses experience problems with their hosting, it can cause websites to become inaccessible, slow to run and jumbled. In these circumstances, PCM are on hand to investigate the issue on behalf of the client and to rectify the problem where possible. This saves wasted time dealing with third party hosting companies, which can often be a time-consuming and complicated process for all concerned. PCM’s support provides peace of mind that website problems can be rectified rapidly.

Flexibility. Opting for PCM to manage your hosting means increased flexibility, since we are able to log in quickly and conduct the required changes or uploads. PCM also run regular backups of websites. Thanks to this, we are able to restore client sites back to their original condition, should something go wrong. Essentially, we are able to make almost any alteration that a client requires with no fuss, and relatively quickly, depending on the proposed alteration.

Reliability. Some hosting companies can be unreliable, causing significant website down-time. Of course, there can never be a guarantee that down-time will not occur at some point. To minimize the probability that it will, PCM only work with reputable hosting agencies - those who we have already worked with, or who come highly recommended.

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