Email Marketing

If you wish to push publicity for your organisation and what it offers, email marketing is a great idea. PCM's email marketing services allow exposure to a potentially vast audience, as well as comprehensive statistical reports on how effective the campaign has been.

Setting you up

From our office in Leeds, PCM will set up an email marketing account for you, which can be accessed through use of a username and password. We will then advise you of the best way of uploading the contacts that you wish to reach through email campaigns. PCM is also able to supply you with insight into the best way of increasing the number of subscribers that you can contact, as well where to go to find new contacts.

To set up the service it is not always necessary for PCM to attend onsite, so you can continue work as usual. Nevertheless, we do encourage clients to engage in a meeting in which we are able to impart our advice as to the best methods of use for the service, realistic targets and designing email templates.

Reviewing success

PCM are passionate about getting you results, and the success of campaigns is readily monitored through the reporting of statistics for every campaign that is sent. This demonstrates the opened email percentage, the undelivered percentage and the percentage of emails that contained a link which was clicked. As a result you are able to review which of your campaigns have been most successful and invoked the most interest.

Should a client wish for extra help regarding these email marketing services, PCM are always happy to oblige. We will visit you to discuss your objectives, past campaigns and future considerations. 

Best bits of PCM's email marketing service:

  • Quick and easy set up We can set up the service for you remotely, ready for you to start reaching your audiences straight away.
  • Design and developing email templates PCM encourage discussion with the client regarding the format of email templates, in order effectively to convey the desired message to your audience. Once this is decided, we will create the specified brief.
  • Unlimited target subscriber lists You can separate the audiences that you wish to reach by grouping them in different lists. This enables you to create specific targeted campaigns to relevant audiences.
  • Statistical reporting Statistical reporting allows you to gain feedback on the success of a campaign. It also means that you are able to compare the success of one of your campaigns in relation to another; you therefore have the ability to monitor which email features appear to be valuable.
  • Expert advice We are committed to achieving the best results when using the software, so we are always on hand to give you insightful advice as to how best to improve your email campaigns to get the desired results. Depending on the requirement we can answer your queries over the phone or arrange a meeting.

If you have any further questions about our email marketing services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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