Google Vault

Email archiving and compliance for Google Apps

What is Google Vault?

Google Vault is an additional feature for Google Apps users that lets you retain, archive, search and export your company's email and chat messages.

Who is Google Vault for?

Google Vault is for any business that needs to securely store their email and chat messages.

In the past business email users were confined to using their emails either on their work computers or home computer, but now with the rapid developments in technology we are able to access our emails on our phones, tablets, pc’s and laptops.

This is great but what if you lose your phone, tablet or laptop, or you connect these devices to an unsecure wireless network in a café, restaurant / hotel and allow others to access your emails and delete them?

To get round this problem Google has created Google Vault.

With Google Vault if your device is lost or stolen or even hacked all your emails are kept safe on Google servers and can be retrieved in these circumstances.

Google Vault - Key features

  • Search your domain email data
  • Place user accounts on litigation hold to preserve email and message data
  • Manage related searches and litigation holds under a single container called a matter
  • Share matters among authorised users
  • Export and save email and chat messages
  • Set email retention policies
  • Run reports on user activity and actions in the archive

Retention Rules: Set rules to how long a email remains in your domain.
Matter: A Matter is a container which holds data related to a specific topic.
Litigation Hold: If a user deletes held data, the data is removed from the user's view, but it is not deleted from Google servers until the hold is removed.If a user is removed, all the user's data is deleted including any archived on the server, even though a litigation hold may be in place.

Features and Benefits explained further

  • Information Governance - Reduce the risk and cost associated with litigation and compliance audits. Google Vault enables you to add capabilities that help your business be prepared for these situations
  • Archive and manage all in one place - A single archive for email and chat messages, where all the data is managed in one place. Governance policies are applied directly to the data store, eliminating the need to duplicate data in a separate archive which helps to reduce the risk associated with data movement and spoliation. A robust audit trail provides complete visibility across the archive
  • Retain business documents - Email and chat messages can be preserved beyond their standard retention period for a legal matter or investigation
  • Find relevant documents - The eDiscovery tool within Google Vault allows authorised users to search through the archive for data that may be relevant to a specific matter or investigation. From the search results authorised users can define and manage collections of message search results and collaborate with others to manage them
  • Designed for security - Google Vault is designed for security and reliability. It features encrypted connections to Google servers, simultaneous replicated storage, built in disaster recovery and sharing controls


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