Office 365

Office 365 from Microsoft covers a range of packages for home and business users. Depending on which of the packages you choose, you'll have access to a cloud based email service and/or the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

For business customers, there are 3 important package variations to take note of:

Office 365

  • Monthly license for the latest Microsoft Office suite - when a new version of Office is released, you will automatically have access to it
  • Includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and OneNote
  • Includes OneDrive for cloud file storage
  • Apps for mobile devices and tablets
  • No email service

Office 365
Business Essentials

  • Email service with 50GB mailbox
  • Includes OneDrive for cloud file storage
  • Online versions of Microsoft Office (cannot be installed on your PC/Mac or mobile devices)

Office 365
Business Premium

  • Includes the features of both the above
  • Email service with full Office suite to be installed on your computer and/or mobile devices

There are a number of other variations to the above packages depending on how many users you have and some other factors. 

How can we help your business?

If you think your business might benefit from Office 365, the first step is for us to establish which package is the right fit for you. We can then carry out the transition to Office 365, including:

If you'd like to discuss whether Office 365 is the right fit for your business, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

This various depending on the packages chosen, but generally speaking, it's charged on a monthly basis, but with an annual commitment. 

You would lose access to your email service, or the ability to use the Microsoft Office suite (depending on which package you are using). This is a change from previous versions of Office which were an outright purchase, with no ongoing costs.

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