Office Moves

Moving office and need someone to take care of your IT?

Moving office can be stressful! As well as working out how to get your furniture, paperwork, and all the other stuff that fills an office across to your new location, making sure your IT works up until you leave your current premises and is ready immediately on arrival at your new premises can be a project all on it's own.

We've helped many customers move premises. This can include tasks such as:

Checking the new office

Visiting a potential new office to review:

  • Any existing structured cabling (if cabling work is required, this can be carried out well in advance of the move)
  • The options available forĀ Internet connections
  • Where servers and networking equipment should reside


Drawing up a plan of how to move the IT smoothly, such as:

  • Setting up the Internet connection at the new office well in advance, allowing it to be thoroughly tested before being used in anger
  • Working with your telephony provider to ensure you have telecoms on arrival
  • The downtime required to move the equipment (especially the server(s))
  • Making provision for staff to work from home during the move, if relevant
  • A priority order for which members of staff should be set up firstĀ 

During the move

When the move takes place, we can:

  • Visit your old office to disassemble the equipment, labelling or boxing it so that unpacking in the new location is as quick as possible. This is especially important for the server
  • Physically moving the equipment. Many customers ask their removal company to move PCs, but ask us to move the server
  • Attend the new office to setup the equipment in it's new location
  • Make any changes required for the new Internet connection(s)
  • Ensure all members of staff are up and running and able to access the resources they need to

Planning your office move

Not every move is the same, but generally speaking, we've found the key is to make sure that the network cabling and Internet connection are configured well in advance, and that the server is moved in an orderly manner.

To discuss your pending office move and how we can help, please contact us.