Server Disaster Recovery

Why do I need this? All my data is backed up!

All your data is professionally backed up so why do you need server disaster recovery? It’s a fair question.

Your server doesn’t just store all your essential data. It organises it in such a way as to be able to deal with incoming and outgoing data quickly and efficiently on request. Imagine if all the information you needed was just piled up in a massive warehouse in no particular order. It would be useless.

No business likes down time but if you are involved in food processing or manufacturing for example, a broken server can mean missed deadlines and lost contracts.

Server Disaster Recovery guarantees that your business can carry on as normal, even if disaster destroys your server.

How does it work?

You can think of a server as a massive library. The books represent the data and the server itself is the building which contains all the right rooms and shelves for the books.

Prevention is better than cure, so we create an identical copy of your server (the library) away from your premises, which is managed by us. Software that we install on your server ensures that its entire configuration and system, including all data – is regularly backed up to a secure storage device provided by PCM. From there, that information is encrypted, password protected, and replicated to the server copy we created for you. Whether you have one server or many, the process is the same, and completely secure.

In the event of a fire or flood for example, our version of your server takes over the handling of your data so there is no disruption to your data processing.

Your business can continue running while you either source a replacement server or repair the damaged one (Hyperlinked to Supply, Installation and Repair page).



Our Server Disaster Recovery service is affordable by most medium sized businesses and technically robust. The table below highlights the features and benefits of our two main packages, both of which will cover your essential needs and more.

Comparison of Packages

Server Disaster Recovery Express Comprehensive
Protects Operating Systems, data and software
Creates snapshots of entire server
Multiple backup schedules
Hardware independent restore
Storage of image at site and PCM secure server
Restore to previous point in time
Images securely encrypted
Backups replicated off-site daily
Monitor and Reporting
Daily monitoring to ensure that server replication is active
Daily email report to client confirming server replication has been successful
Take client office replicated server and transfer on to virtual server monthly
Take client offsite server and transfer onto independent metal server every 6 months
Restoration onto client hardware
Provision of temporary server and engineer time

Contact us to discuss the best package for you. We will answer any questions and ensure you have the most cost effective solution.

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