Server Installations

Do you know already what type of server you are looking for – the server you want – and, more importantly, is it the right server for your business needs?

While we can supply whatever you want at a competitive cost, most people want guidance on how to choose the best server for them and we are happy to help.

What's a server?

A server is a library. It’s that simple.

You could say it has two primary functions. It must have the capacity to store large amounts of information and it has to be able to deliver or ‘serve’ that information quickly and efficiently.

What does that mean to my business?

Your server needs to have a large enough memory to handle all the records that your company needs to keep for now and into the future. It must respond quickly to simultaneous requests for information from multiple sources.

Think of how many computers will be accessing that information at any one time, how demanding they will be; running software packages, spreadsheets and data processing. If your server is too slow, your computers will run slow, regardless of how agile their processors are, and whatever the software they are running.

Your first server?

It’s possible this is your first server in which case it is worth considering a high spec product that will handle increased demand as your business grows.

Perhaps your company was already using servers and now needs additional servers to cope with more data and more users processing that data; the result of business growth.

So how do I select the right server?

You don’t need to. We do that for you. We assess the demand, by determining how many people are likely to be accessing the server at any one time for example, and recommend the best server to fit your budget.

Server installation

Choosing a server is straightforward however installation can be compared with putting a new engine in your car. It is a tricky procedure however excellent service and convenience is at the heart of everything we do. Our competitively priced installation service will mean minimal impact to your company’s operations. We follow a tried and tested installation procedure:

The secret of a smooth installation is in the preparation. Choosing a date when activity is low for example and making sure that all relevant third parties are forewarned allows contingency plans to be made in advance. Setting a priority list will mean that you are operational at the soonest possible time.

Do I need a new server?

That depends on what issues you are experiencing with your current servers.


Most servers will last for an average of 3 – 5 years, although some will need replacing in as little as two years, while others have been known to work well for 10 years. The two main shelf-life factors are the environment they are kept in, and their workload.

Wear and tear

Maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your server. After all, the server runs all day and night, 365 days a year without a rest. Servers get warm, and they can get dusty which impairs the ability of the fans to keep them cool. Parts wear out. These are the facts. Ensuring your server is kept in a well-ventilated space, ideally away from dust, should add to its shelf life.

Compatibility issues

Putting physical deterioration aside, the most common reason for servers to need replacing is that their software becomes incompatible with the software of the day. Software and business processes are evolving at such a pace that servers can become outdated quickly.

Is my server repairable?

Servers are repairable, depending on the issue. To find out if your server is repairable, please contact us to discuss with one of our engineers.

What do I do now?

We are happy to visit you with no obligation and determine any server fault without charge. If more in depth work is going to be required for a long term solution then we will furnish you with a detailed quote.

Whether you need a new server or server repair, or you are really not sure, the best thing you can do is to give us a call on 0113 231 1066.

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