Software Design and Development

Are you looking for bespoke software?

If you are finding that off-the-shelf software never quite fits your needs, and yet you want to increase your efficiency and productivity, then you need bespoke software.

You need software that has been especially developed with you in mind, and that’s what we specialise in. In our experience, every challenge is unique but there are three common types:

1 - “Our software doesn’t do what we need it to do!”

Problem – Your system is old or outdated, really slow, and struggling to handle large amounts of data. Perhaps it is unable to ‘talk’ to the other essential software packages you rely on. It needs to go!

Solution – You need an up-to-date, upgraded version of what you are using already. It needs to be built to last well into the future, able to handle as much information as you can throw at it, and must fit in with your other software systems. Then we safely transfer your data from the old system into the new. It’s that simple.

2 – “The software we use is great but the different packages don’t talk to each other!”

Problem – You spend half your working life putting the same data into different systems. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do so much more with one keystroke?
Solution – We enable your different software packages to talk to each other, by designing an appropriate ‘interface’. So when somebody buys an item in the shop, for example, your website’s eCommerce system is instantly updated with the purchase and you never lose control of stock.

3 - “I need something completely off the wall!”

Problem – Perhaps a particular process is too time-consuming, or there is no room for human error to slip in. You need to find a way to automate the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
Solution – We will develop new software from scratch to match your specific business needs.

You enjoy added value:

  • Excellent service
    • Full Project Management means we liaise with you throughout the process to ensure the software is right for you
  • Complete peace of mind
    • Ongoing Software Support means we are available after new software is installed to make sure it is working and fitting perfectly with your other systems

You benefit from a winning approach.

PCM follow a specific methodology built on experience and expertise, to deliver effective results every time, while adhering to a strict protocol.

This approach means the work is carried out in an organised and efficient manner, matching project designs with your wishes and specific technical requirements.

We want to understand your business processes.

By understanding your business processes from the start we can build in fail-safes and business efficiencies. This means your new software will save you time and money, and prevent errors.

Who is using the software?

Software development has to be about people.

We have to look at the people who are using the software, and how they will be affected: will it be too complex for them to use, or will it be perceived as unwanted upheaval?

In the case of HR or project management software staff may feel threatened or spied on. Either way, we understand that we need their buy-in for new software to work most effectively.

We’re not new to this…

PCM has created a range of different software applications for public and private sector organisations, and across many different industries.

Our previous projects have included:

  • Business Intranets – keeping everyone in the loop, wherever they may be
  • Stock management applications – integration of eCommerce with shop floor POS
  • HR Software – such as job application filtering
  • CRM Systems – so you can deliver better customer care
  • Web-driven software – installed on clients’ machines but accessible remotely through a browser

Creating many satisfied customers…

Our proven track record speaks for itself. See what others have had to say about us.

Working within pre-agreed budgets

Once we know your wish list, we can break down the cost for you for each element of the job. Let’s look at what’s most important to you and create a strategy that will improve your business performance, within your budget.

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